Copenhagen—Not only the anticipated "FLUTTER ECHOES AND NOTES CONCERNING NATURE", Buttonijo's "ANOTHER TRIP TO THE MOON" will also be there in Copenhagen to grace CPH PIX's "GUERILLA GARTNERS" program, along with four other Indonesian films. Director Ismail Basbeth gets even more, as his other film "The Crescent Moon" will also join the celebration.


Screening Info:
Thursday, May 5th at 19:00
Sunday, May 22nd at 16:00
Den Frie Udstillingsbygning



'Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.' - Jim Morrison

Ismail Basbeth cites Jim Morrison as an introduction to his first feature film, which - told in a single sentence - is about a woman who confronts her demons and her deepest fears in her fight to become a full and free human being. But the way there is deeply strange and magical. Managing completely without dialogue, 'Another Trip to the Moon' is a modern adventure, which has roots in Indonesian myths and oral traditions and is translated into visually striking tableaux and told with a touch of timeless science fiction. Especially the adventure about Dayang Sumbi has been a source of inspiration. In the tale, a heavenly prince falls in love with the beautiful earthling Dayang, but is turned into a dog after the two have a child together. In the film, Basbeth reverses the roles and turns the woman into the proactive half of the couple. Here, the young Asa lives a secluded hunter-gatherer life in the rain forest with a friend. But after breaking with her dominant shaman mother, we suddenly find Asa in a modern house, where the dog that followed her around the forest has now turned into a beautiful young man. The journey of becoming a whole person thereby also becomes the journey of becoming a free woman. Maybe. For everything is open in the breathtakingly beautiful 'Another Trip to the Moon', which wants us to free our minds and senses.

Director's Statement

In fairy tales, legends and myths that spread throughout Indonesia; especially in the land of Java, there are many stories that depicts the crucial role of women having an important position in life and also in the circle of the authority; however many of them are portrayed weak, low and dominated by something beyond their control. In the tradition of Islam, I understand that in front of God, human are represented as women. God is the only 'man' that created our life, and human is 'the women' created by Him.

Many people in Indonesia lived and grew together with these traditions, fairy tales, legends and myths, in its various forms and versions. Its influences has led generations that position women as objects; which are being led - not the one who leads their own life. These women have no strong position in Indonesia's patriarchal way of life.

This film will break the established social relations by making and building new relations inside the film, putting the women's position as the center, as the story driver. This film will tell a story about a young woman, Asa. Her fight to own and to control her own life against the confrontation with other authorities and dominations around her; which affects her life and her way of living. I also interpret this film as a film about a human; about the fight to be free with our own choice; to be ourselves.


Vicky Amin
Vicky Amin


A writer, basically.

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