Flutter Echoes and Notes Concerning Nature
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Visions Du Reel 2016, Nyon Swiss | CPH: PIX 2016 Copenhagen, Denmark



From Visions du Reel

A sensual immersive visual trip in the world of magic, myth and nature in Indonesia. Ladya is working with a documentary crew who is searching for ancient pyramids and investigates supernatural stories about a lost royal kingdom hidden in the southern sea of Indonesia. In her spare time, she captures nature sounds for her plant breeding experiments at home. Almost unbeknown to her, she starts crossing the path of a group of guerilla ecologists whose main job is to prepare in a hidden garage fake grenades filled with seeds. The main goal of the gang is to protest against the cement sprawl that Jakarta is becoming. They draw their inspiration from the same book that Ladya uses for her domestic botanic experiments. Contemplative and almost floating, hypnotic, the film is a transcendental experience fostered by the camera eye of the director that manages to reveal layer after layer the reality that surrounds us. Flutter Echoes and Notes Concerning Nature is a unique ecological science fiction adventure that allows the spec- tator to enter a never-seen realm. -- Giona A. Nazzaro


It is highly appropriate that Amir Pohan's first feature will premiere in a building called The Artists' House (Kunsterens Hus), for 'Flutter Echoes and Notes Concerning Nature' moves captivatingly and poetically between installation, poetry and the documentation of reality in its subtle portrayal of the sound engineer Ladya, who records 'pink noise' and plays it to her plants at home. Ladya is also the sound engineer on a documentary about prehistoric pyramids and supernatural phenomena in Indonesia, and while we follow in her footsteps, the film cross cuts to the story about a group of guerilla gardeners, who make seed grenades in a garage, plan their bombing routes and drive through Jakarta to spread their flourishing message across the concrete jungle. It almost feels like a documentary, but 'Flutter Echoes' is meticulously staged, the performers are all actors, and between his observations Amir Pohan creates his own artistic reality, where it is possible to find peace and take root in the midst of the otherwise so noisy and increasingly modern Indonesian society. Similarly, 'Flutter Echoes' demands that we seek tranquility in the film's universe as opposed to chasing the narrative story. The result is a bold, alternative and beautiful film, which sprouts in ones heart like a marigold seed.
Director's statement.
I have been interested in the sounds of nature for quite a while, and have started doing field recordings every time I get the chance to get out of the city. Jakarta has been voted as the city with the worst traffic jams in the world, which probably not only kill all of our greenery, but also drown out the sounds of birdsong, trees rustling in the wind and other sounds. In this film I am trying to explore the use of sound, especially Pink Noise, sounds of nature, without too much dialogue.
Another concern I had was about our farmers. In the past Indonesia used to be ruled by mighty Kingdoms that relied on farming and fishing. Nowadays in modern times, Indonesia is the biggest importer of rice. Our volcanic land is one of the most fertile in the world and yet every year the number of farmers diminishes by 100.000. Farmland is being overtaken to build golf courses, hotels, urban housing by 100.000 hectares per year. In the last 10 years Indonesia has lost one million farmers.
This movie not only stems from my concerns about noise, sound and the state of our farmers and farmland, but also about the glorious past this country used to have. I went on an expedition to an unnamed hill which was shaped like a pyramid where they conducted a geoscanner survey with ground penetrating radar and found that there was something hidden indeed beneath all the soil.
The people depicted in this film feel a genuine love for their country and its nature and are trying to bring some of the glorious past back even if it's just in small steps.

Vicky Amin
Vicky Amin


A writer, basically.

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